Campus Human Resources Services

Manpower Temps

All temporary positions that will last longer than one month must be approved through the Position Justification Process prior to contacting Manpower.

Employment Services has negotiated favorable rates through a competitive bid process with Manpower  having been selected as USM's vendor. The most recent agreement set new rates effective December 1, 2010.  This agreement covers various office support and custodial titles, but they may be able to help you in other areas as well. While in some cases you may hire a temporary for up to one year, it is generally appropriate when the need is anywhere from one day up to six months.

The current hourly rates are as follows (referral rate if you identify and refer a specific person who you want to fill the vacancy):

Rates updated 1/7/13

Title Pay rate Bill rate Referral rate
Administrative Clerk (Secretary) $9.00 $12.15 $11.79
Administrative Specialist CL1 $10.00 $13.50 $13.10
Administrative Specialist CL2 $11.00 $14.85 $14.41
Cashier $9.00 $12.15 $11.79
Custodian (day shift) $9.50 $13.30 $12.92
Custodian (night shift) $10.00 $14.00 $13.60
Door Person (Bookstore) $9.00 $12.15 $11.79
Mail Services $9.00 $13.14 $12.78
Textbook Clerk $9.00 $12.15 $11.79

To obtain a temp, telephone Manpower at 774-8258, identify yourself as calling from USM, describe your needs, and provide an account number for billing purposes. Invoices will be sent to you for payment processing.

* Cashiers that complete assignments will be eligible to be paid an hourly bonus of $.35/hr.

Note: Manpower temps may be hired as USM regular employees if the search goes external and certain conditions are met.  Manpower charges no liquidation fee if the Manpower-recruited employee remains on their payroll at least 60 days before becoming a USM employee.  If you were to hire within the 60-day period, the following applies:

Time on Assignment

Pro-rated Fee Schedule

0 - 30 days 14% of annual gross compensation
31 - 60 days 7% of annual gross compensation
61 + days No Fee

Background Checks
Please be aware that temporary agency vendors do not ordinarily do background checks, but will do them upon request for an added fee.  If your temporary assignment has cash-handling responsibilities, a driving requirement, or has a higher-than-normal potential for placing people or assets at risk, you may wish to talk with Manpower about their charges for doing an appropriate check. 

Unsatisfactory Performance:  In the event of unsatisfactory performance by a Manpower temporary, Manpower will promptly terminate the assignment and provide a replacement within 24 hours.  If you notify them within 24 hours (2 days) that the employee is unsatisfactory, Manpower will not charge you for time worked.

Secondary Suppliers:  If Manpower is unable to fill a specific request (this is infrequent), they will work with other temporary help services to fill the request on your behalf.  This will provide seamless service since Manpower will handle the request in the same manner as if they had filled the assignment from their own sources.