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Tools & Resources for Supervisors

Welcome to the resources site for Supervisors!

We hope you find the following tools and resources helpful to you as you manage, motivate and engage talent within your team.

One of the keys to success at the University of Southern Maine is the effective supervision of staff. Your HR team is dedicated to helping you succeed in your supervisory role, and can provide guidance, support and consultation. Contact your HR Partner or should you need assistance.

As a supervisor, you provide leadership, coaching, guidance, support and direction to your team. You are accountable for the achievement of your team’s tasks and goals, for managing legal and contractual compliance, with adhering to institutional policies and procedures, and for representing the USM in its role as an employer.

The quality and effectiveness of your supervision is also critical to staff. Supervisors perform a vital role in managing staff performance and contributing to employee engagement and morale in the workplace. At USM, the roles and responsibilities of supervisors are defined in a number of places including job descriptions, performance plans, institutional policies, guidelines and contracts.

Thank you for the commitment you have made to the University of Southern Maine to take on the responsibilities of a supervisor. We hope you will find this work rewarding.

Are you a supervisor facing the challenge of maintaining motivation for yourself and your staff members who are working remotely due to COVID-19?

If so, check out the following resources to help you continue to coach, motivate and engage your team.

Cigna EAP Webcast: Managers - Managing a Virtual Team

Review best practices and key virtual management skills that you can use to help your team transition successfully to remote work.

  1. Visit the Cigna EAP Webcast Website 
  2. If you do not already have a Cigna account, you will need to create one
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the webcast and select Register/Attend
  4. Review/download the handouts and presentation slides, if desired

USM Professional Development Course: Managing Remote Employees

USM's Professional Development Programs (PDP) has partnered with MindEdge Learning to offer a FREE, self-paced online course on managing remote employees. The course is being offered between now and August 31st.

  • Managing Remote Employees explores the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and provides managers with tips for helping their remote workforce stay connected and motivated.
  • TO ENROLL: Click here to leave your name and email and a PDP staff member will enroll you within a week.

Questions about this course? Please contact PDP at or 207-780-5900.

Working Remotely

For tools and resources to help you or your employees work effectively from home, please visit Tools & Resources for Working Remotely.

Department Work Plans Support

Visit the Performance Management Portal for more information, including Performance Assessment forms, Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) forms, guidelines and more.

Completed Performance Assessments: Please email a copy to or drop off at 120 Bedford Street on the Portland Campus. Please submit as soon as possible to ensure compliance with collective bargaining agreements.

Visit the Career & Employment Hub Website for Student-Employee Supervisors for the most up-to-date information on Student Employment.

In addition, please find the following resources for student-employment resources.

Please contact your USM HR Partner Team at if you need additional guidance or have questions about the content on this website.