Campus Human Resources Services

Rehiring USM Employees

1. Resigns regular position; rehired in temporary status
  Normally the individual is paid at the starting rate of pay in the temporary position. However, if rehired in temporary status in the same classification, by the same department, within three months, then the rate/step will be equal to what the person was paid in regular status.
2. Retires regular position; rehired in temporary status
  A University retiree who retired after ten or more years of University service may be placed at higher then the start rate when re-employed as a temporary classified employee. The appropriate step is that attained prior to retirement. An employee in a wage band without steps shall be paid at the pre-retirement rate adjusted for any wage increases applicable to all employees or at a comparable rate if hired for a job in a different wage band.
3. Retires full-time regular position; rehired as part-time regular into the same or closely-related job
  This is generally permitted, though it usually is not permitted at times when employees are offered special retirement incentives. Also, added scrutiny of such a request is likely if the part-time position exceeds 50% time.

Employees should compare this approach to possible options that may be available to them using the Temporary Mutual Reduction of Work Schedule or the more permanent Voluntary Schedule Reduction.