Campus Human Resources Services

Salaried Position Review

A. Employee - Initiated  
1. A review may be requested by an employee if s/he believes that the duties/responsibilities of the position have significantly increase over those last rated by Employment Services (ES). A "significant change" under SECCP occurs when either:  
  a. The changes in duties/responsibilities result in an increase in the ratings of at least two of the seven compensable factors (knowledge, scope, impact, contacts, work environment, supervisory responsibility, and financial responsibility) as defined in the Point Factor Instrument and at least a 10% increase in the total point value of the position, OR  
  b. the changes result in placement in a job family which has a higher market valuation, and that in turn results in placement in a different salary band.  
2. To initiate a review, the person in the position submits a Request for Salaried Classification Review (RSCR) to his/her official immediate supervisor. At the same time, s/he should also provide to the supervisor the completed employee portion of thePosition Description Questionnaire (PDQ). The employee must also provide the supervisor suggested changes to his/her official Job Description  
3. Within 20 working days, the supervisor completes his/her actions:  
  a. Reviews/discusses the PDQ and completes the supervisor portion of the PDQ. (Note: In the event there is a disagreement between the employee and supervisor, the supervisor may not require the employee to change the entry if the employee does not agree with the change. Instead, the supervisor should indicate the disagreement in the supervisor’s part of the PDQ.)  
  b. Sends the updated JD, PDQ and RSCR via email to your USM HR Partner. If you do not know who your HR Partner is, Lisa Brissette Eddy can direct you:
  c. Provides a copy of the RSCR to the employee to confirm that the supervisor action is completed.  
4. Employment Services obtains clarifications as necessary, rates the position, and provides review results within 20 working days. If a significant change is confirmed, an appropriate pay adjustment is made retroactive to date the completed review request was submitted to the supervisor by the employee. (Please note that the department retains the right to remove duties sufficient to override the significant change decision, but in that rare circumstance would still be required to pay add comp for the period from the request to the date the duties were removed.) Pay adjustments are normally 5% as follows:  
  a. If the significant change results in placement in a higher salary band, the adjustment will be to the minimum of that salary band or at least a 5% increase for each higher band, whichever is the higher figure.  
  b. If the significant change results in continued placement within the same salary band, at least a 5% adjustment will normally be provided unless there are exceptional circumstances.  
Notes: a) In both cases above, a higher amount may be given in appropriate circumstances if supported by adequate written justification -- subject to availability of funding and considerations of internal equity. b) Increases of 16% or $5500 in UMPSA must also be approved by UMS Chief Human Resources & Organization Development Officer or designee. c) Salaries resulting from a position review may not exceed the maximum for the salary band, except for employees hired prior to 1/1/05, who may be paid up to a 5% increase even if that takes them over the maximum for the band. d) If the action requires UM System Office approval, the turnaround time is more likely to exceed the 20 working day goal.