Campus Human Resources Services

Student Employment

This page is intended to be a resource to managers of student employees who work on campus at either federal work study or department funded positions at USM. 

What is the difference between federal work student student jobs and department funded student jobs?

For a student to obtain a federal work study funded student job, the student needs to have federal work study funds included in their financial aide package after completing the FAFSA. More information about this can be found on the Student Finanical Services website. Any USM student is eligible to obtain a department funded student job, regardless of whether they received federal work study or not. 


Resources for Managers of Student Workers:

Student Employment Payroll Policies and procedures.

Student Job Descriptions 

HR Hiring Forms

International Student Worker Guidelines

How to approve time in MaineStreet

The Student Work Authorization/Web Auth website

Manual Student Hiring form (to be used when the Student Work Auth website is unavailable)


Paperwork managers/supervisors are required to submit to payroll in order to hire a new student employee:

I-9 Form, Work Authorization & Employee/Supervisor Agreement from the Work Authorization online Tool


Are you new to hiring student employees? Instructions for how to hire student employees:


  1. Complete this form to gain access to the Work authorization tool- In addition to processing your hire, this tool will allow you to confirm the financial aid funding the student has and/or their status as an active USM student. To hire student employees:
    1. After completing that form and sending to Tamara, you can do the following-
  2. Determine your student job desription and create a job ad.
  3. Post your job ad to Simplicity (the website students use to find a job):
  4. Once you have selected a student, complete the work authorization form with them (in the Work Authorization tool):
  5. Send in that Work Authorization & Employee/Supervisor agreement, along with their completed I-9 form ( to
  6. Instruct students to complete their direct deposit information and tax allowances for state and federal taxes in their MaineStreet self service.
  7. Ensure they know how to enter their time into MaineStreet at the end of each day they work to ensure they are paid on time!



Additional Resources for Student Workers:

Overview for USM Students- How does Student Employment at USM work?

Student Financial Aide Resources

International Student Worker Guidelines

How to update your Tax Allowances (federal and state) in MaineStreet

How to complete your Direct Deposit elections in MaineStreet

How to enter time worked in MaineStreet for payment

Payroll Schedule