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Welcome to the resources site for USM Supervisors and Managers!

One of the keys to success at the University of Southern Maine is the effective supervision of staff. Your HR team is dedicated to helping you succeed in your supervisory role, and can provide guidance, support and consultation. Contact your HR Partner or anytime you need assistance.

As a supervisor, you provide leadership, coaching, guidance, support and direction to your team. You are accountable for the achievement of your team’s tasks and goals, for managing legal and contractual compliance, with adhering to institutional policies and procedures, and for representing the USM in its role as an employer.

The quality and effectiveness of your supervision is also very important to staff. Supervisors perform a vital role in managing staff performance and contributing to employee engagement and morale in the workplace. At USM, the roles and responsibilities of supervisors are defined in a number of places including in job descriptions, performance plans, institutional policies, guidelines and contracts.

Thank you for the commitment you have made to the University of Southern Maine to take on the responsibilities of a supervisor. We hope you will find this work rewarding.

Performance Management

Visit the Performance Management Portal for more information, including performance assessment forms, Performance Imporvement Plan guidelines and more.

Completed Performance Assessments: Please email a copy to or drop off at 120 Bedford Street on the Portland Campus. 

Student Supervisors

Visit the Career & Employment Hub Website for the most up-to-date information on Student Employment.

Additional Resources