Campus Human Resources Services

Background Screening Information Form

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees has approved a policy that requires all campuses and the System Office to conduct background checks for all individuals who are recommended for university employment.  The purpose of the policy is to protect the safety of members of the university community, protect university assets, and ensure that individuals selected for positions have the credentials required for the position.

The policy applies to all individuals recommended for employment including full-time and part-time faculty and staff, both regular and temporary, and adjunct faculty. Background screening may include verification of employment history, criminal history, and verification of educational and/or licensing credentials when the degree or license is a requirement of the position.  For positions with special responsibilities – such as financial responsibilities, broad access to campus buildings, responsibility for safety, and positions that work with minors and other vulnerable populations – screening will also include a credit history report and/or sex offender history. 

Screening must be done prior to starting work.  You will be notified via email upon successful completion of the screening.  Your department will be charged for each screening ($20 minimum, but can go as high as $300 if intended employee has lived in several places or has had a different name).

*Disclaimer - We will not do background checks on employees who have their backgrounds checked based on their profession (ex. public school teachers, nurses).

Please let the intended employee know that we check back 7 years so it is CRITICAL that any addresses listed as well as previous names cover that time period.

Once this form is submitted, have the intended employee complete the release form at:  


Requester Information
Temporary Employee Information
Special Requirements - Will employee have:
Chartfields - Account paying for the background check
Soft money accounts should use "55" as the class code.