Campus Human Resources Services

Temporary Staff

USM Process for Hiring Temporary Staff Members:

Please remember to follow your college/division/department processes for pre-approval.

USM 'temporary' employees may be hired up to six months. Generally, a temporary employee is someone who will work on a short term project. If your need is for a temporary who is required on an irregular basis throughout the year (for example: survey interviewers, scoreboard keeper, etc.) please see your HRP for part time as needed employees. 


  • If a temporary assignment will last less than three days
    • and you have identified the possible employee:
    • and you have not identified the possible employee:
      • You can contact Manpower, the UMS approved temporary agency, at 207-774-8258 to conduct a search for you. Please note that using Manpower comes with an added cost of using their services. Contact Talent Acquisition team for details.


  • If a temporary assignment will last more than three days and less than 6 months
    • and you have identified the possible employee:
      • You can have the possible employee register with Manpower 207-774-8258.
      • You can conduct a competitive search through HireTouch, have them apply, and make them a USM temporary employee if they are the most qualified applicant. See below for HireTouch process steps.
    • and you have not identified the possible employee:
      • You can hire Manpower to conduct a search for you: 207-774-8258.
      • You can conduct a competitive search through HireTouch and hire a USM temporary employee. See below for HireTouch process steps.


Summary of steps for temporary employee search through HireTouch:        

  1. Complete a brief description of job duties send to Michelle Nadeau in Talent Acquisition.
  2. HR Liaison or Department trained designee creates the job requisition in HireTouch.
  3. Talent Acquisition places the job ad.
  4. Search chair is assigned, but no committee is required for temporary hires.
  5. Search chair to screen applications and update applicant status.
  6. Search chair to perform phone interview.
  7. Search chair to perform Campus interview.
  8. HR/Salary approval is sent through HireTouch.
  9. Verbal offer is extended to the candidate.
  10. Background check done on candidate.
  11. Offer letter sent to candidate through HireTouch.
  12. Offer acceptance electronically in HireTouch.
  13. Candidate is able to start work – new hire paperwork needs to be complete in the department on or before the employee's first day of work and sent to payroll.


Guidelines for how will temporary employee be paid -- 

  • Earning under $519/wk = hourly
  • More than $519/wk – and does not meet the flsa salaried exemption = hourly
  • More than $519/wk and meets the FLSA salaried exemption (employee’s primary duty must be the performance of office or non-manual work directly related to the management or general business operations of the employer or the employer’s customers; and the employee’s primary duty includes the exercise of discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance.) = monthly
  • Less than $519/wk and meets the FLSA teaching exemption (this must be identified and approved by HRP before the job is posted otherwise it is an hourly position)= monthly. Note: The job description of the employee must include more than 50% teaching, or else the exemption will be denied. Examples of positions that qualify for a teaching exemption may include: Applied Music Instructor, Coaches, classroom/online faculty

 *All employees paid through UMS payroll are expected to enter their time in MaineStreet on the day worked, and a supervisor or department time approver should be assigned to approve the time entered weekly. Please see Time Entry Resources for more support or contact UMS Payroll with any time entry related questions.


Other payment options --