Office of International Programs

Changing Your Immigration Status

Important: The criteria for being able to change your status in the US has recently changed. The process has become more difficult and students must now wait much longer for an answer. In general, it is best to return home, apply for a student visa in your home country and then re-enter the US in student status so that you can begin studying immediately. 

  • If you are hoping to change your status in the US please know that in some cases that may not be possible. 

  • Also, depending on your status you may or may not be able to study while you are waiting for an answer. 

  • The current wait time for a decision on a change of status request is 10-12 months. 


Important Information about the Timing of a Change of Status Application! 

Wondering if you could study while waiting for a change of status? View our list of most common change of status requests and their restrictions. 

We suggest that if you wish to discuss changing your status you should call our office or make an appointment to meet with Kimberly to see what options exist for your individual situation.  Please call us at 780-4959 or send an e-mail to