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Charles Moody

Charles Moody
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Spring 2017

Honestly, it’s difficult to begin to describe my study abroad in New Zealand. I had a lot
of expectations of what studying abroad was going to entail but it ended up being so much more
than I had anticipated.

Before studying abroad I had never been outside of North America so it only made sense
to go as far away as possible. After living in Christchurch, New Zealand I honestly feel as
though that city is my second home. I enjoyed getting to know the city every day and by the time
I left I felt as though I had been there for years. However, it wasn’t the city itself that made me
so comfortable, but the friends I made while being there.

I can’t express how grateful I am to have met the group of friends I did while being in
New Zealand. These friends are what truly made the experience for me. It wasn’t the bungie
jumping, or getting lost in Mt. Cook National park, or even exploring Australia during fall break
that made this a life-changing experience for me. The friends that I shared those experiences with
are what made them so incredible and memorable. I used to believe that it was the experiences
that created the joy but I now realize that it is the people you share those experiences with that
brings about true joy.

After the semester ended, which was filled with new knowledge and an eye opening
experience to another countries education system, me and my friend from England decided to
stay and travel New Zealand by car until our visas expired. During this time I truly learned what
it was like to live independently and without a home base. I was able to witness the differences
between regions of the country and learned more about New Zealand culture as we traveled.
This study abroad adventure changed me immensely and I can’t express how grateful I
am for it. It was important for me to get outside of my comfort zone because I feel I grew as an
individual and exposed myself to another part of the world. I am looking forward to going on
more adventures with the lifelong friends I made in New Zealand. I thank the Kaufman family
for providing me with the support they gave me because none of this would have been possible
without the Dara Kaufman Scholarship.

Hiking in New Zealand