Office of International Programs

Documenting Funding

International Students who wish to attend USM must document that they have proof of sufficient funding to support their educational and living costs throughout the duration of their academic program. This documentation of funding is a key component of the admission application process and is required by USCIS.

At USM, incoming international students must supply the following information to complete the documentation of the funding process:

  1. Liquid funds (actual cash) for year #1.
    Most often, this is provided in the form of a bank statement or a letter from the bank stating that the customer has access to the minimum amount needed.

  2. A letter of sponsorship if the funding does not belong to the student. If the source of funding is the student's own money, a letter of sponsorship is not necessary.

The following documents should help you to complete this process:

If you have additional questions about what types of documentation are acceptable for your specific situation, please contact Kimberly or Kaoru in the International Programs Office. 207-780-4959 or via e-mail at