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Exploring Maine!

 Livable. If there’s a word that describes Maine and the greater Portland area, that’s the one.  You will find Maine to be a welcoming and peaceful community that is home to a thriving immigrant and refugee population. Families from over 41 countries that speak over 26 languages call Maine home.  

Location, location, location! Portland was recently named one of Frommer’s Top 12 World Travel destinations, which makes for a college experience filled with discovery and opportunity. Portland joins the list of top college cities and the metropolitan area is ranked 20th among small cities in an analysis of the best places for college students. With a culturally diverse regional population of roughly 250,000, Portland is Maine’s largest city, as well as the state’s retail, business, and financial center, and home to the University of Southern Maine (USM).  As Maine’s business hub, Portland offers USM students the opportunity for internship and research opportunities.   Portland’s art scene, dining, shopping, and recreation opportunities are comparable to cities twice its size, but USM students thrive in its friendly, relaxed small town pace. Less than two hours north of Boston, Massachusetts, Portland is nationally rated for outdoor recreation, health, safety, and business vitality and is known as one of the safest cities in which to live in the US.

After a semester in Maine, your students won’t be surprised why Maine’s unofficial slogan is Maine: The Way Life Should Be! Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, mountains, and lakes provide students with recreational opportunities year round. Maine is also fortunate to benefit from four glorious seasons, including a colorful fall and quintessential American summer. While other parts of the country simply turn cold in the winter, Maine benefits from picturesque snowfall that is perfect for skiing, snowshoeing, and snow tubing.

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