Office of International Programs

Extending Your Program

Extending Your Program

International students who fail to complete their educational program within the time period indicated on their I-20 Form are required to file a request for a program extension. The student must demonstrate that he or she is currently full-time and has legitimate academic or medical reasons for a delay, such as a change in major or research topic, unexpected research problems, or documented illness.

You must apply to the Office of International Programs for a program extension PRIOR to the expected graduation or end date indicated on your I-20 Form.

Grace Period After Completion of Studies

If you complete your studies: As an F-1 student you are allowed 60 days to remain in the United States after your completion of studies date. J-1 students and scholars are allowed 30 days. During this time you are no longer allowed to work or study. Note that the 30 or 60 day period is from the day that you complete your studies, NOT the expiration of your I-20 or DS 2019 form.

If you withdraw from the university: Students who obtain prior permission to withdraw from the Office of International Students and Scholars are allowed a 15 day grace period. If you drop out of school without prior approval you are NOT eligible for the grace periods.

Please note: You cannot leave the country and re-enter the U.S. during your grace period.