Office of International Programs

Financial Aid

Study Abroad

You may use your financial aid on a study abroad program provided you complete the study abroad approval process through our office. We encourage students to work with the Portland Financial Aid Office to determine how much aid you are qualified to receive. Please note the following:

If you are working with a program provider, you will need to inquire about their process for accepting financial aid. Most program providers will ask you to complete a consortium agreement that will tell them how much aid you are anticipating and the date that the aid will be disbursed. If your aid will not cover the full balance, then they will usually require you to pay the remaining balance by their billing deadlines. Make sure that you understand their process early so that you can plan your finances accordingly.

The Office of International Programs has a small amount of scholarship funds and all students who complete our study abroad approval process are automatically considered for these scholarships. The Dorothy Padula Memorial Scholarship and Dara Kaufmann Scholarship both require a separate application.

Travel Courses

You may use your financial aid for a USM travel course. You must take a minimum of 6 credits during the summer session to be eligible for financial aid. The winter session is part of the fall semester and you can use your fall financial aid for the winter session courses. Your aid will be applied to your student account and you will be responsible for paying any remaining balances by the payment deadlines.

If you are not a USM student, you will need to speak with the financial aid office at your home institution to find out if you can use your financial aid for a USM travel course.

The Office of International Programs offers a small number of scholarships for summer travel courses. Students traveling to Latin American countries are eligible to apply for the Dorothy Padula Memorial Fund.