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Gabrielle Perron

Gabrielle Perron
University of Winchester, England
Fall 2017

My study abroad experience was one I will never forget. I was given the opportunity to meet new people, see new things, and visit new places. I traveled to Winchester with my friend Julie in the Fall of 2017. We immediately met a group of amazing people who have now become some really great friends. At the beginning it was all very overwhelming but that was to be expected. After a week or so I got acclimated and everything started to feel like a home away from home.

Friends in Europe

During my time in Winchester I was able to travel to six different countries. We went to Ireland, Rome, Austria, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic. Each and every new experience was different and unique in its own way. Although we spent a good amount of time away from England, it always felt like coming home when we would land back in Winchester. 

The memories made were both good and bad, but in the end were all worth it. Good memories consist of all the museums, buildings, and landmarks we saw, as well as the food we ate and the many laughs we shared. Some of the ‘not so good’ memories consist of sprinting through the airport in Rome to make our flight on time, the hurricane that left us all stranded in Ireland for an extra day, and that one hostel in London that barely deserved a one star rating. But as I said before, any memory made while studying abroad will eventually turn into a fond one.

I always felt like I was meant to travel; I didn’t care how or when it would happen, I just knew it would. USM and the Dara Kaufman scholarship allowed my aspirations to become a reality. I am so thankful and appreciative to this scholarship for taking some of the financial burden off my shoulders giving me more time to fully immerse myself into this opportunity. 

Street in Winchester England