Office of International Programs

Health Insurance

International students and scholars at USM are required to have health and accident insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents living in the United States.

The University of Maine system has implemented a mandatory insurance plan for all students, including international students, and the charge will automatically be added to your student account.  

About USM/Univ. of Maine System International Health Insurance:

- Insurance carrier: Anthem
- Insurance broker: Gallagher Student Health 
- Rates: $2,347 - You will be charged for the 2020-2021 academic year, not per semester.  However, if you will be here only for the fall 2020 semester, the rate is $987.00
- Coverage Period: 08/1/2020-7/31/2021 (For Fall Only: 08/01/2020-12/31/2020)
- USM/UMaine System student health plan provides solid levels of coverage. The Student Health Insurance Fact and A  Frequently Asked Question and Student Health Insurance Plan are available through Gallagher Student Insurance for UMaine System.  You need to scroll down to see 2020-2021 University of Maine System Student Health Insurance Plan - Graduate Assistant & International. 

 To Enroll:
1. Go to Gallagher Student Health Insurance for UMaine System
2. Log in (if you haven’t already) by following the instructions on the website.
3. Click the green ‘Enroll’ button under the ‘Plan Summary’ tile.
4. Follow the instructions to complete the form.
5. Save a copy of your reference number.    

Students are not required to purchase the USM/Univ. of Maine System health insurance plan. However, students who wish to purchase their own policy must be sure their plan has the following levels of coverage:


    • Basic Benefit of $100,000 per accident or illness
    • Medical Evacuation of $50,000
    • Repatriation payable up to $ 25,000 for preparation and transportation to home country
    • A deductible or no more than $500 per illness or injury
    • If you are a competitive athlete please confirm that your insurance will cover injuries sustained during practices/games, etc.

     In order to be exempt from the USM/UMaine System plan, students will have to log in to Gallagher Student Health Insurance for UMaine System and need to upload proof of active coverage. Please note that the Office of International Programs CANNOT waive that for you.   




    To Waive:
    1. Go to
    2. Log in (if you haven’t already) by following the instructions on the website.
    3. Click the yellow ‘Waive’ button under the ‘Plan Summary’ tile.
    4. Follow the instructions to complete the form.
    5. Save a copy of your reference number. This number only confirms the submission, not approval of your form.


    Please note:


    1) Students who are outside of the U.S, should not be charged for the insurance, so there is no need to waive. If you see the charge, please contact Kaoru Phillips, at


    2) Students who are in the U.S. taking only online classes will still be automatically enrolled in USM/UMaine System Student Health Insurance.


    3) If you have specific questions about this insurance, you can call the Customer Service line at 833-882-3592

    4) For benefits, claims, claims payments, and Tax forms incurred on or after August 1, 2020, please contact Anthem Blue Cross at 1-800-888-2108 or visit:


    If you have questions about this policy or the USM/UMaine plan, please contact Kaoru Phillips at 



    * Attention Graduate Students who are receiving a USM assistantship: Your assistantship will NOT cover the cost of insurance. You will need to be responsible for that cost.

    * Attention Canadian Students: If your national health care plan covers you in the US and has sufficient coverage but does not include Medical Evacuation & Repatriation, you can purchase those separately. We recommend a plan by International Student Insurance that meets the USM requirements.

    * There are a few other possible plans that offer the necessary level of coverage. Please note that we DO NOT work with or endorse these plans. We only endorse the USM plan. However, students have asked for other options, so we provide these for informational purposes only.

    1. * iNext International Health Insurance
       Premiere International Health Plan
      * International Student Insurance
      * Visit International Health Insurance Program
      * Inbound USA Insurance
      * Harbour Group International Student & Scholar Plan

      If you are considering one of these other plans, read the information carefully. Sometimes you can only buy them for a limited amount of time, and any gap in coverage may disqualify you from keeping the coverage.