Office of International Programs

Health Insurance

International students and scholars at USM are required to have health and accident insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents living in the United States.

ALL International Students MUST document proof of adequate coverage or they will automatically be enrolled in the USM plan and the cost of the plan will be added to their student bill.

The USM sponsored health insurance for the academic year provides coverage from August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019.  The cost of the Insurance for Academic year 2018-19 is not yet determined. The AY 2017-18 was $2,502 for USM International Student Medical Insurance Plan. Coverage is also required for all dependents. 

To view the full USM plan check here.
You can enroll in the USM plan by completing the International Programs Health Insurance Enrollment formand bringing it to the Office of International Programs.

Students do not have to purchase the USM health insurance plan. However, students who wish to purchase their own policy must be sure their plan has the following levels of coverage:

  • Basic Benefit of $100,000 per accident or illness
  • Medical Evacuation in the amount of $50,000
  • Repatriation payable up to $ 25,000 for preparation and transportation to home country
  • A deductible or no more than $500 per illness or injury

In order to be exempt from the USM plan students must complete and return the following two documents to the Office of International Programs prior to Wednesday, September 25, 2018.

 1. Exemption Request Form
This form is to request an exemption from the USM Health Insurance Plan. This form must be completed by the student.

2. Verification of Medical Insurance Form

This form is to verify that the student has the necessary levels of health insurance coverage. This form must be completed by the insurance company providing coverage.

Both forms must be completed and returned to the USM International Programs Office by September 25, 2018. Otherwise the cost of the USM sponsored health insurance (the exact cost of which has yet to be determined) will be added to your bill. Once the charge has been added and the deadline of 9/25/18 has passed we CANNOT remove the charge from your bill even if you have your own coverage.

USM has a good plan that provides solid levels of coverage.  The full details of the USM plan will be available online in June. Please be sure to check back.

If you have questions about this policy or the USM plan please contact the USM Office of International Programs at



* Attention Graduate Students who are receiving a USM assistantship: Your  assistantship will NOT cover the cost of insurance. You will need to be responsible for that cost.

* Attention Canadian Students: If your national health care plan covers you in the US and has sufficient coverage but does not include Medical Evacuation & Repatriation you can purchase those separately. We recommend a plan by The Harbour Group which meets the USM requirements.  Visit the Harbour Group website for more information.

* There are a few other possible plans that offer the necessary level of coverage. Please note that we DO NOT work with or endorse these plans. We only endorse the USM plan. However, students have asked for other options so we provide these for informational purposes only.

* iNext International Health Insurance
* International Student Insurance
* Visit International Health Insurance Program
* Inbound USA Insurance
* Harbour Group International Student & Scholar Plan
* Premiere International Health Plan

If you are considering one of these other plans read the information carefully. Sometimes you can only buy them for a limited amount of time and any gap in coverage may disqualify you from keeping the coverage.