Office of International Programs

Immigration Policy Changes

This past year there have been several immigration rule changes and executive orders issued by President Trump which will impact foreign students and visiting scholars in F or J status. While we are working with students and scholars to share this information directly, updates will also be available here.


Changes coming soon:

  • SEVIS Fee Increase: The SEVIS fee paid by both F and J students is expected to increase in early 2019. The final date has not been set yet, but we expect that the current F-1 SEVIS fee will increase from $200 to $350 and the current J-1 SEVIS fee will increase from $180 to $220.

Future Anticipated Changes:

  • Maximum Period of Authorized Stay for F-1 and other Non-Immigrants: For 2019 the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is suggesting they may seek a "maximum period of authorized stay, and options for extensions, for each applicable visa category."  Currently non-immigrants typically enter for the "duration of status" rather than a specific period. It's too early to know if this regulatory change might move forward, so we will be watching closely. If duration of status is replaced with a maximum period of authorized stay it could possibly make extensions more difficult, increase the ways in which a student or scholar could become unlawfully present and/or may impact some work benefits.