Office of International Programs

International Alumni

Over the years USM has been fortunate to welcome many international students from all over the world! After completing their degrees they have gone on to a wide-variety of careers, some in the U.S. and some in their home countries. We are proud of each and every one of them and their accomplishments! We hope you will enjoy their stories as well.


Name: Malika D.
Home Country: 
Graduation Date: May 2011
Degree: Master's of Science in Health Policy and Management
Current Position: Working for the Regional Office of the United Nations on drugs and crime in Central Asia as a task manager of the project "Prevention of drug use and crime among people through family life skills training programme". Manages this project in four Central Asian countries.
Thougts about USM: I had 2 amazing years at USM. Professors at Muskie School of Public Service are intelligent, competent and supportive. I met a lot of good friends there. I use the knowledge obtained from the University in my day-to-day work.
Personal details: Happily married. Fell in love with Portland, Maine, and its wonderful people

Name: Tanya V.
Home Country: Bulgaria
Graduation Date: May 2008
Degree: Master's of Business Administration
Current Position
:  Currently working as a Finance Manger for the US and Canadian divisions of Telerik.  Telerik is a software company headquartered in my home country- Bulgaria. It's a rewarding and fun experience to work for a global company where I can grow personally and professionally, and occasionally speak my mother tongue. 
Thoughts about USM:   Throughout the MBA program at USM I had the opportunity to work on rewarding projects for Maine-based companies in teams with talented classmates. In addition to learning a lot from these projects, I also met wonderful friends and mentors at USM. My top experience at USM was the Business Plan Completition, where I was one finalists in 2008. I was also part of the USM mentor program via the Corporate Partners program at USM, and I highly recommend it for any USM business student

Name: Sunghoon Kim
Home Country: South Korea
Graduation Date: May 2008
Degree: BA in Physics with a minor in Mathematics
Current Position: Researcher at the Smart Transportation System Laboratory at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) & Complex Transport System Laboratory at KASIT. 
Thoughts about USM:   What I think as the best at USM is the people, faculty members and staffs including students themselves. Not only are they kind, but also they are very cooperative to each other. They are the ones that got me through the five long years at USM.

Name: Samer K.
Home Country: Palestine
Graduation Date: December 2007
Degree: BS in Technology Management with a concentration in Industrial Technology and a minor in MIS (Managing Information Systems)
Current Position:  Senior Systems Analyst for Wolverine Worldwide. Currently position includes managing a worldwide systems landscape to ensure that every business system is working properly and data is available promptly.
Thoughts about USM:  I'd recommend USM mostly for the great community it's located at. The friendliness of people on and off campus only makes for a great college education. People are helpful, open-minded and laid back. That all makes for a smooth and enjoyable education experience.

Name: Katerina M.
Home Country: Russia
Graduation Date: December 2005 & December 2007
Degrees: BS in Economics and Master's in Business Administration
Current Position: Analyst/Project Manager for Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), a software development company in Boston. Works with business teams in China, Romania, UK, Germany and India.
Personal details: Still travels regularly  to visit her family in Russia. Is in the process of purchasing her first home in the Boston area.  
Thoughts about USM:  My education at USM made it possible for me to pursue an American dream. I work hard, and am rewarded for it. Without USM my personal achievements would not have been possible. 


Name: Yoshimitsu Shinohara 
Home Country: Japan
Graduation Date: May 2007
Degree: BS in Business Administration
Current Position: Human Resources, Management & Sales for Kida Juki (heavy machine) Industrial Company Ltd.
Personal Details: Happily married with one child 
Thoughts about USM:  
ESOL: The faculty were very kind and personable. Office of International staff were also very supportive and helped me a lot academically and personally. Interviewing people outside of USM community and touring factories through classes were so informative and useful.
Business classes: Faculty were very open to international students and supportive.  

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Name: Manu L.
Home Country: Hong Kong, China
Graduation Date: May of 2006
Degree: BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing
Current Position: Manages 4 bars & restaurants in Hong Kong which are family owned.  According to Manu " I have met many interesting people working in this exciting and fast-paced industry.  CEOs and CFOs of multinational corporations have visited my bars, independent artists have jammed with my bands, and regular customers have become part of my family. Although the work is fun, it can also be quite challenging at time and always lots of hard work."
Personal Details: Happily married and living in Hong Kong since 2006. 

  Name:   Sidibe B.
Home Country:  Mali
Graduation Date: May of 2004
Degree: BS in Technology Management with a concentration in Industrial Technology and a minor in MIS (Managing Information Systems)
Current Position: Working for the Data Management and Biostatistics Core of the International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research in West Africa.
Personal Details: Happily married with a son. 
Thoughts about USM: I would definitively recommend USM to international students because USM has made me a better person in life it has given a better tool to face the real world.

Name:  Denitza Zlatarova-Dimitrova 
Home Country: Bulgaria
Graduation Date: December of 2003
Degree: BA in Communication with a minor in Russian 
Current Position:  Managing/ Administrative Director, Plovdiv Drama Theatre – the first professional Bulgarian theater founded in 1881 and currently one of the top three most successful national theaters
It is an enriching and fulfilling position working with actors, stage directors and other artists. It was a great honor and responsibility for me to become at the age of 25 the Managing director of 125-year old institution.
Personal Details: Married, one daughter.
Thoughts about USM:
* Great faculty and staff – inspiring, supportive, interesting, smart and fair;
* Variety of disciplines and courses contributes to upbringing well-rounded individuals who are experts in their chosen field but are also knowledgeable in other areas;
* Hands-on learning experience – I enjoyed learning by doing not by simply reading or listening;
* Amazing community – very diverse and friendly.  


Name:   Ryoko N.
Home Country:  Japan
Graduation Date: May of 2002
Degree: BS in Media Studies

Current Position: News reporter for the Rafu Shimpo, a Japanese American bilingual newspaper based in Los Angeles since 1903. My daily duties include covering city activities and community events as well as writing human-interest stories in both English and Japanese.
Thoughts about USM:
 It’s a safe, good-sized university with friendly fellow students and supportive faculty and staff, especially those who work at the International Office.
ESL: The ESL teachers’ enthusiastic teaching encouraged me to take on a lot of challenges, such as hosting a live weekly radio show at WMPG. Their continuous support throughout college helped achieve my goals.
Media Studies: Just two words: Tough love. Thanks to that, I’m currently working as a news reporter.

Name:   Tami S.
Home Country:  Japan
Graduation Date: May of 1999
Degree: BS in Business Administration

Current Position: After graduation, I was hired by H.I.S. International Tours in Boston as a travel agent. Over the next 10 years, through hard work and using my education from USM, I was able to work my way up from agent, to supervisor, and eventually to branch manager.
I left H.I.S. in July of 2010 to be a stay-at-home-mom, but the work experience a USM eduation helped provided will make it much easier for me to find work when I rejoin the workforce in the future.