Office of International Programs

International Education Resources

There are a variety of great stories, websites and resources out there for all aspects of the field of international education. In an effort to assist those exploring international opportunities, as well as those working in the field, we have housed several key resources here, all in one spot. If you have a suggestion for something that would be a great addition to this page, please contact Kimberly Sinclair, Director of USM International Programs. We hope you find the following helpful.

 General International Education:

* Responding to an Emergency

* Responding to a Reporter

International Students

* 3 Social Adaptability Types

Study Abroad

* Study Abroad Stats

* What Statistics Show about Study Abroad Students

* Article: Want to Launch a Successful Start Up? Study Abroad! 

* Prospective Students: Think with your Mind & Heart Before Planning your Journey Abroad

* The Decision to Study Abroad after Terror in France & Unrest in Turkey (7/2016)

* Keeping Students Safe While Abroad

* Risk Assessment for Study Abroad Programs


International Recruitment

* Recruitment Agencies and Academic Standards of Applicants