Office of International Programs

Inviting Scholars

Planning on inviting an international faculty member, guest lecturer or research scholar to USM?  Our best advice is Start The Planning Process EARLY.

You will need to talk with the International Programs Office to ensure that the visitor enters the US with the proper immigration status.

Step 1: Complete a Visitors Data Sheet and return it to the International Programs Office at 101 Payson Smith, USM Portland Campus or via e-mail to Kimberly Sinclair

Step 2: The International Programs Office will review the information on the Visitors Data Sheet to confirm what type of visa will be needed.

Step 3: If the visitor needs a J-1 Exchange Visitor's Visa you will need to supply the additional information listed on the Exchange Visitor Application Checklist

Step 4:  All incoming J-1 scholars must be able to demonstrate proficiency in English. This can be done by providing test resuts (TOEFL, IELTS) or a transcript from a college, university or language school or by working with the Office of International Programs to complete a Skype Interview. 

Step 5: If your visitor is going to be paid or reimbursed for expenses you must work with the appropriate USM department to confirm what paperwork is needed for this process. The staff within the International Programs office work with visa issues and are not always up to date on the required payment procedures.

  • For reimbursement of expenses and/or honorariums contact:
    Katie Mahoney in Business Services at 780-5207 or

  • To add a visiting faculty member/research scholar to the University Payroll system contact: Karen Hart in Payroll at 780-5112 or e-mail 

It is important to begin this process early, well before the visitor arrives in the US!

If a visitor arrives in the US without the correct type of visa the University may not be able to pay him/her. It is also important to understand that the University and your visitor will be subject to all US tax and payroll laws and regulations. In many instances any payments made to your visitor (with the exception of expense reimbursement) will be suject to US payroll withholding laws. This is also true for honorariums!