Office of International Programs

Jiangxi Exchange

Jiangxi University Summer Faculty Program
July 2012

Faculty from Jiangxi University who will be attending the Universtity of Sothern Maine during July of 2012 for a Faculty Short Term program will need to complete the following application process before being issued the necessary visa documentation.

Deadline to submit all application materials: May 25th


1. Complete a Summer Faculty Application

2. Submit a copy of your Resume or CV 

3. Submit a Completed Language Proficiency Report

4. Submit a copy of the biographical page of your passport.

5. Submit proof of sufficient funding to cover your expenses during your time at USM.    

The cost breakdown for each partcipant is as follows:

Jiangxi Expenses  $3000.00

  • $3000.00 Program Fee
    The program fee covers English language classes, room and partial board, special academic workshops or lectures, local transportation, ESOL instructors and University staff to assist with program needs throughout your stay

Program Participant Expenses $1125.00

  • $125.00 Medical Insurance Estimate (this is an estimate as cost will vary depending on the program participants age) *
  • $1000 Personal Expenses (this amount include an estimate for dinners on evenings when participants are off campus.)
  • In order to document sufficient funding participants should complete a Declaration of Finances form and submit the appropriate back up documentation.
  • A letter from Jiangxi showing their financial support for the $3000 per person would be appropriate for the program fee.

* Program participants may purchase health insurance from their home country or they may opt to purchase a US policy. Insurance policies for J-1 Exchange Visitors must meet specific guidelines as set by the Department of State for J-1 visa holders. If you will be purchasing a plan in China it must meet the following minimum requirements.  (Proof of adequate levels of coverage must be provided in English)

  • Basic Benefit of $50,000 per accident or illness
  • Medical Evacuation in the amount of $10,000
  • Repatriation payable up to $ 7,500 for preparation and transportation to home country
  • A deductible or no more than $500 per illness or injury

If you are unable to find this level of coverage in China we suggest the following two companies:

* Harbour Group International Student & Scholar Plan
* Premiere International Health Plan

If you have questions about this process or need additional information please contact Kimberly Sinclair, Interim Director of International Programs.