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Keele's Location:

Staffordshire is a special place of rural peace and industrial innovation. It combines natural beauty with a tradition of world-shaping industry. Staffordshire is one of the biggest counties in the U.K., but its comprehensive network of rail and road communications means that all parts are easily accessible. Staffordshire has plenty of things to see and do including Alton Towers, one of Europe’s largest theme parks, New Victoria Theater, the Drayton Manor Park and Zoo, and Chasewater, a venue for championship powerboat racing and leisure boating.

Keele’s central location makeKeele Halls it easy to access a great deal of the United Kingdom by bus and rail. London is just two hours away by train and Manchester, which hosts the closest airport, is only an hour north by train. Other nearby attractions include Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birth place) and the Peak District National Park for those who love nature.


Keele is a strong "STEM" school with plenty of course offerings in the areas of science and math. We recommend Keele for the following majors:

  • Business: Accounting, Finance, Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing & Business Administration
  • Criminology
  • Computer Science  & IT Management for Business
  • Economics
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Media, Communications & Culture
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sciences: Biochemistry, Biology, Applied Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Geography & Anthropology
  • Sociology

Academic Requirements:

Keele requires a minimum 3.0 GPA

Keele's Academic Term: 

  • Fall runs late September through Mid-January. Students can make arrangements to return home in time for Christmas if they agree to have their exams proctored at USM in January. Students should be aware that there is a cost attached to this option of approximately $350.
  • Spring runs late January through mid-June & includes a 3-week Easter break

Course Selection & Transfer Credit

Students should use Keele's online module catalog to select their courses. USM students can take courses that begin with a 100xx, 200xx or 300xx. However, students should be cautious when selecting 300xx level courses as they are considered quite challenging, similar to graduate level course work. USM students are not allowed to register for courses in the module catalog which have a # in front of them. These courses are closed to exchange students.

USM students can take 20-30 ECTS credits per semester to earn 12-18 USM credits. USM students pay a flat fee of 16 in-state credits, regardless of how many credits are taken. 

The most common transfer credits are:
5 ECTS    =   3 USM
7.5 ECTS =   4.5 USM
10 ECTS  =   6 USM
15 ECTS  =   9 USM
To see the full conversion chart for ECTS credits visit our transfer page.     

Like most UK schools, undergraduate degree programs at Keele are completed in 3 years. That means that courses transfer back to USM in the following way:

Keele Year 1 = 200 Level USM Course
Keele Year 2 = 300 Level USM Course
Keele Year 3 = 300 or 400 Level USM Course

New Course for Exchange Students:

All incoming US students will be automatically enrolled on a mandatory course entitled 'British Culture 101'. This is currently a non-credit bearing class, but we are hoping for it to run in January 2013 as a 1-1.5 US credit course. British Culture 101 is an US-UK comparative culture class that meets every two weeks and exposes students to a variety of topics and lecturers from across the University, as well as requiring them to process their English experience through reflective journals and in-class group work. The topics vary but can include Higher Education, Behaviour, Media, Politics, and Sport. This will also give the students a chance to share challenges and frustrations associated with moving to a new culture and country. On an operational level, we will be meeting in the evenings (6.-7.30pm), so will be providing the group with free pizza and pop.

Housing at Keele:

Students who attend Keele are required to live on campus. The University has a "village" atmosphere, with its banks, restaurants and shops, together with well-equipped launderettes placed strategically around the Halls of Residence. Keele offers student accommodation which is among the best in the country. All accommodations are warm, clean, comfortable and convenient. Most students receive standard rooms either with or without a wash basin. Standard rooms are centrally heated study bedrooms with a desk, chair, bed (with pillows and duvet or blankets), wardrobe, bookcase, chest of drawers, carpet (or rug) and curtains. The number of rooms within a residence varies, with adequate bathroom, shower and kitchen facilities available for residents to share. Students will be required to provide their own sheets, pillow cases and towels. Sheets and pillow cases can be hired from Housekeepers in each Hall for a small charge. Keele also has a small number of en-suite rooms. In addition to the specifications mentioned for the other rooms, en-suite rooms also have their own toilet, wash basin, and shower.

A note about vacations: While students may stay in the dorms during the Christmas break which runs from mid-December to early January on campus housing is NOT included during the Easter break and students are expected to vacate their rooms. Students must arrange to store their personal belongings with a local storage company during the Easter break. 


Students attending Keele will be charged for 16 credits of in-state tuition, plus academic fees. Student will pay on-campus dorm room fees directly to Keele, and will be responsible for their own meals.

Student Visa:

If you are studying in the UK for 6 months or less you do not need a student visa. Visas are a MUST for students studying in the UK for the full academic year.

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