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Kingston University

Kingston's Location
Kingston is located in the southwest suburbs of London in a town called Kingston upon Thames. Kingston upon Thames is a vibrant riverside town with easy access to surrounding parkland and countryside. It is one of the most pleasant locations in the London area, and the capital’s shopping, restaurants and cultural activities are just 25 minutes away by train. Students often find that Kingston offers the ideal location because they get all the benefits of being in London (such as access to clubs, museums and galleries) without the hassle of living right in the city.


Students can take courses from the schools listed below. You should note that each school is comprised of various subjects.

  • Art, Design and Architecture
  • Arts and Social Sciences (including foreign languages, liberal arts, and music)
  • British Life                               
  • Business and Law
  • Computing, Information Systems, and Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Science

Please note: While most courses are open to American visiting students, students cannot take courses from the following disciplines:

  • Health and Social Care Sciences
  • 3D Design, Fashion, Graphics and Surveying

Academic Requirements
Kingston requires a minimum 2.8 GPA and students should be prepared to take 4 or 5 courses per semester.   

Kingston's Academic Term:

  • Fall runs from mid September through mid December. Students should plan their arrival at Kingston a week before the start of the semester in order to participate in an orientation session.
  • Spring begins in late January and ends in early June.
  • Students are off for a reading week in early April, and then they have a 2 week Easter break that runs from early to mid April.

Kingston's Summer Program
Kingston University offers a great summer program that begins in late June and runs through the end of July. Students may take 1 or 2 courses in specific topics. Course topics include British Art and Culture, Museums, Theater, Shakespeare and International Business just to name a few.   

Housing at Kingston
Kingston has a limited amount of accommodation in halls of residence and this is normally allocated to first year students. Visiting students who are attending for the whole year may apply for a room in a residence hall. Most are self-catering single rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens but some en-suite rooms are available at a slightly higher rent. Students are required to sign an agreement for 40 weeks.

Because of the need to sign up for 40 weeks, accommodation in halls is not practical for students attending for a semester, although a few rooms may be available in the spring semester. We recommend "applying for lodgings" or renting a room in a local home within easy travelling distance of campus. You will have a single room and access to a kitchen to prepare your own meals. Kingston's accommodation office will help students secure lodgings.

Many students would prefer a flat or a bed-sit where there is no resident landlord. Students must rely on their own efforts to find such accommodation. It is scarce and expensive and we do not recommend students to do this. Details of letting agents in the area will be sent to the students on request.

Students who attend Kingston University pay a reduced rate for tuition and fees. Tuition and fees is around £4785 per semester and includes up to 16 credits. The optional British Life course has an additional fee of £80. If you wish to take music courses, there is a £350 supplemental fee for the semester.

Students will pay locally for room and meals and these costs will vary depending on the housing option selected. Students should budget about $6132 for housing and meals.

Student Visa
If you are studying in the UK for 6 months or less you do not need a student visa. Visas are required for students studying in the UK for a full academic year.

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