Office of International Programs

National Student Exchange

The University of Southern Maine has suspended its membership in National Student Exchange.

Students interested in a semester of study away should consider USM's international options which include semester and yearlong programs abroad, as well as short term faculty led programs for students who wish to travel as a group.


Students who wish to study independently at other Colleges or Universities within the US and seek credit for that course work should follow the University's established procedure outlined below:

Matriculated students at the University are expected to secure written approval from the appropriate dean prior to taking coursework at another institution. Credit approved for courses taken at other institutions will count towards the total degree hours required but will not be computed in the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Students will need to work with their academic advisor and the Dean of their College to establish equivalencies and receive approval for external course work via the following form: Prior Approval Form

For further information or additional questions students should call the  Transfer Affairs Office at 780-5340,