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Singapore to South Africa: My Most Treasured Souvenirs

I have always had the pull to travel and discover new places and people. So, when I had the chance to travel with the University of Southern Maine I jumped at it.

Nepal: A Piece of Heaven

Although geographically Nepal is quite small, it is filled with diversity and pride.

Leicester: History, Culture & Community

There's a lot of the city to see, but if you want a glimpse of it all, the centre is the place to be.

South Africa: One Trip Just Wasn't Enough!

The friendships, realizations, and impacts of my times abroad are too numerous to detail simply. I am grateful to USM for encouraging students to study throughout the world...

A Brit with a little Maine Moxie

"After spending a year studying in Maine, I have promised my parents that I will never complain about the great, grey English Winter again." - Robyn Wilson, USM Inbound Exchange Student from the UK.

A whole new way of life: Sam Barrett's trip to Japan

Spending my final semester of college studying abroad in Japan was easily the best experience of my life! From the people I met to the places I visited, every aspect of living abroad was wonderful. Even the mundane things like trips to the grocery store were exciting and new. I spoke Japanese every day, made amazing friends, and learned about a whole new way of life.
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Announcing a generous increase in the Dara J. Kaufman Memorial Scholarship

The Dara J. Kaufman Memorial Scholarship has been increased to offer two study abroad students an award of $3000 each semester.
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Immigration Fees Increase

USCIS increases fees for changing your status within the US and applying for your OPT.

USM Students Head to Cuba!

18 USM Tourism and Nursing students are headed to Cuba on December 27th. Read more about this amazing opportunity.

Anju Roy's Study Abroad Year in Japan

Read about Anju Roy's amazing experience in Japan and her experience in the Tokyo Kimono Queen Contest.