Office of International Programs


The University of Southern Maine Office of International Programs promotes international education and understanding on campus in a variety of ways. In addition to coordinating support services for international and study away students, faculty exchange participants, and international visitors, the office serves as a resource to the University and as a liaison to the broader community. The experienced and knowledgeable staff members routinely seek opportunities to encourage international affiliations and experiences for USM students, faculty, and students.

International Student Services

International students enrolled at USM contribute to the growing cosmopolitan environment of Southern Maine. The staff members in the Office of International Programs help them make the most of their time while enrolled at USM. Services to international students include:

  • Pre-admission and financial advisement
  • Pre-arrival information and planning
  • New student orientation programs and materials
  • Ongoing advising and support services
  • Provide electronic updates on immigration issues impacting international students
  • Ongoing liaison for university and community resources

Study Away Opportunities 

Students are encouraged to include a period of study away in their degree. Through participation in exchange networks with Canadian or one or our many partner international universities, students can enrich their academic programs and life experiences. The Office of International Programs assists students in the following ways:

  • International scholarship development and management
  • Management of direct exchange relationships and faculty-led programs
  • Site selection and application assistance
  • Promotion and advising for study away programs
  • Pre-departure advising and orientation
  • Re-entry facilitation and consultation
  • Resource room on study, work and travel opportunities
  • Ongoing assistance for study away students with details such as billing, pre-registration, etc.
  • Facilitate evaluation of study abroad credits

Faculty and Staff Support Services 

Members of the USM faculty and staff increasingly include international material and perspectives in their instruction, research, and service. The Office of International Programs participates in efforts to expand personal and institutional expertise in global issues through the following means:

  • Promotion of international exchange opportunities including the Fulbright Program
  • Collaboration on  fund-raising for projects which foster international learning 
  • Managing logistics, registration, risk management etc. for faculty-led programs to allow faculty to focus on the program curriculum

Each year the University welcomes international visiting faculty and staff for short or long-term visits. The Office of International Programs serves them in the following ways:

  • Management of  the USIA Exchange Visitor Program
  • Providing orientation and adjustment consultation
  • Coordinating visits of international guests

Exchange Relationship Management 

USM has active exchange relationships with numerous higher education institutions around the world. These valued linkages provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to develop ongoing collaborative partnerships with friends around the world. The Office of International Programs provides the following services:

  • Central coordination of international activities and concerns
  • Collaboration with  academic units in the development of new linkages
  • Oversight and management of existing partnerships

Community Liaison Activities

Global awareness is enhanced on campus through cooperation with the community-based educational and cultural groups which promote cross-cultural understanding. These organizations make Southern Maine a culturally rich community in which to live and learn. The Office of International Programs works to share expertise and friendship across organizational lines.