Office of International Programs

Payment of University Fees

  1. By the end of the first week of classes, new international students will be required to pay their semester tuition and fees, as well as any on campus housing and meals if they are living in the residence halls.

  2. If you prefer to spread the payments out over the semester, you can sign up for a USM payment plan. A payment plan divides the entire amount of the bill into three, four or five smaller payments throughout the semester. There is a US $30 administration charge to enroll in the payment plan, but no additional interest is charged. Students will receive e-mail notification of upcoming payment deadlines but no paper bill is sent.

  3. Students should plan to have the funds available to cover their first semester’s expenses. The amount is roughly half of the total indicated on your I-20 document. Students can pay with a check in US dollars, via wire transfer or with a credit card. Several credit cards are accepted, but not Visa. (Current cards that can be used include MasterCard, Discover, American Express, BC Card, China Union, Dina Card & JCB) Students who pay using credit cards will be charge a 2.75% convenience fee.

  4. Tuition and fee estimates are based on 9 credits at the graduate level and 12 credits at the undergraduate level per semester. ESOL Intensive students pay a flat rate program fee. Please note that tuition and fees are subject to modification by the UMaine System Board of Trustees at any time. Increases in tuition of approximately 5 percent per year are to be expected.

  5. The amount listed on your I-20 is for two academic semesters and does not cover summer session costs if you wish to enroll in summer courses. (Summer courses are not mandatory).

  6. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 grants certain rights, privileges, and protections related to student' education record maintained by the University. Students' educational records will not be released to third parties outside of the University, except with the written consent of the student. A waiver can be printed from our Resources for Agents website which allow the student to waive this right. FERPA also restricts parents from obtaining information about their son or daughter without a release form.