Office of International Programs

Portland & Gorham

The University of Southern Maine is actually made up of 3 campuses:

  • Portland
  • Gorham
  • Lewiston Auburn 

Most of our students will be on the Portland and/or Gorham campuses. We will work with you individually if you are going to be taking courses on the Lewiston Auburn campus. 

Portland Campus

The main part of the campus consists entirely of academic buildings. Many department offices are located around the perimeter of the campus center in converted multi-story homes as well as in the major buildings. The primary academic areas of the Portland campus are business, nursing, history, political science, economics, sociology, biology, physics, chemistry, math, English, psychology, media studies, modern and classical languages and literatures, American and New England studies.

The International Programs and ESOL offices are located on the Portland campus in Room #101 Payson Smith Hall. The Portland campus is home to many classes but is mainly a commuter campus for students who come and go. The Portland campus also has a dining hall, library with a beautiful reading room and a gym. 

Gorham Campus

Gorham is home to most of the University's dormitories and competitive athletic facilities. The primary academic areas residing in Gorham are industrial technologies, engineering, art, music, theater, counseling and education, anthropology, geography, environmental sciences, and geosciences.

All of the Universites dorms are located on the Gorham campus and students who choose to live in Phillipi Hall will be living in Gorham. Gorham also has a dining hall, library and a gym. 

Are the two campuses far apart?

The Gorham and Portland campuses are about 16 km or 11 miles apart. It takes approximately 1/2 hour by car to drive from one campus to another.

How will I get from one campus to another?

The University of Southern Maine runs a free shuttle that runs between the two campuses. Buses begin very early in the morning around 7:15am and run through the evening until about 10:30pm or 22:30. 

The shuttle offers limited service on Saturdays. Some of the weekday shuttles and most of the Saturday shuttles also allow students to get on and off at the Maine Mall. There is no shuttle service on Sunday.

If you have classes in both locations you need to be sure and plan for enough time to get from one campus to another. 

You can find the USM shuttle bus schedule online.