Office of International Programs

Program Options

We offer a variety of study abroad opportunities:


Led by USM faculty, travel courses are typically short-term travel experiences that take place over one of USM's breaks.

With our reciprocal programs, USM students have the opportunity spend a semester abroad at one of our exchange universities, and students from these universities come to spend a semester at USM. Because of this, the tuition for these programs is locked at the standard USM in-state tuition rate.

Partnership schools allow USM students to pay a discounted rate on tuition, which is determine by the school abroad. While there is not a reciprocal exchange occurring, this rate is often quite discounted than other institutions in the area.

There are also many great programs, in a wide variety of countries and academic disciplines, offered by our approved study abroad providers. Some programs are more affordable than others, and our study abroad advisors can help you in navigating the various options.

It is possible to connect with other partnerships with the University of Maine System, should you see one of interest.