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SA Application Forms

Study Abroad Application Forms


We continue to monitor how the pandemic is evolving on a global scale. If you are planning for study abroad, we also recommend you have a back-up plan in case your plans get derailed. To find the most up to date information regarding the University of Maine System's policy on study abroad, click here


Please find the application components below. Applications for January term or Spring 2022 study abroad are due by October 18, though students should submit the first bulleted item by October 11 as some programs might have pressing deadlines.

  • Complete the Prior Approval Course Form.
    • This is perhaps the most time-consuming form because it involves making at least one appointment with your academic advisor to a) review the requirements you have left to fulfill at USM and to b) review the courses you plan to take overseas and determine how those credits will transfer back to your degree. The Prior Approval Request Course Form must be signed by the dean's office in your college. Here is a sample prior approval form with a brief explanation on how to fill it out.