Office of International Programs

SA Application Forms

Study Abroad Application Forms

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a study abroad advisor to walk though the study abroad application process so that we can answer any questions you may have or clarify any puzzles. The forms are provided here for your convenience.

Study Abroad Application Checklist

Use this handy check list to keep track of the pieces you need to complete the application process.

Study Abroad Application & Prior Approval Course Form

This is perhaps the most time-consuming form because it involves making at least one appointment with your academic advisor to a) review the requirements you have left to fulfill at USM and to b) review the courses you plan to take overseas and determine how those credits will transfer back to your degree.  

The Prior Approval Request Course Form must be signed by the dean's office in your college. Here is a sample prior approval form with a brief explanation on how to fill it out.

If you are looking to get a course approved as a Core requirement, information regarding this process can be found here.

Official Transcript

Remember, to be eligible for study away, you must have completed at least 24 USM credits prior to departure and maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher.

Transcripts can be obtained from the Advising Office in  119 Payson Smith on the Portland Campus or the Registrar’s Office in 107 Bailey Hall on the Gorham Campus. Transcripts are free.


You'll need to submit a 1-2 page essay explaining why you want to study away at the institution you have chosen at this particular time in your academic career. Be sure to include how this exchange will benefit you academically. You should also include details on any community service or previous foreign travel experience you have, as well as any work experience that may be relevant. You may also want to include how this period of study abroad will impact your personal growth and your future career or academic goals.

Two Letters of Recommendation

Both recommendations must be from a USM professor who has taught you. At least one of the letters must be from a faculty member in your major. Transfer students should talk with the Office of International Programs for different recommendation options.  


The Office of International Programs can complete this for you if you notify us of your program choice.

Itemization of How You'll Pay for Your Study Away Program

This forms documents how you will fund your program. USM students who receive approval from the Office of International Programs are eligible to take their financial aid package with them. Some dollar amounts may change and not all scholarships are eligible to go with you so you'll want to talk with the Financial Aid Office early. Visit our financial aid and scholarship pages for more information.

Petition to Participate on a Program Not on the Approved List

If you wish to study abroad on a program that is not through one of our approved providers or not at one our recriprocal or partner universities, you must complete the petition to gain special permission. We strongly recommend that you speak with your study abroad advisor before beginning this process to ensure that there are not any approved programs that meet your needs.