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Take off on a USM travel course! USM is proud to offer summer and winter session travel courses that take learning on the road and offer the experience of a lifetime.

As part of the course, you will travel overseas with a group of USM students and faculty members and attend lectures, visit museums, and explore sites you have only dreamed of seeing. Depending on the course, you will earn 3-6 credits and travel for one to three weeks. Many of the courses offer core credit.

We know that finances are tight for most students. Travel courses are a good value and you can use financial aid and scholarships to help cover your costs. You will not only see another part of the world, but you will learn more about the culture of your destination and yourself than simply traveling as a tourist. The experience will be something you will be sure to highlight in job interviews and may distinguish you in a competitive environment.

With so many amazing travel courses, ask yourself: Where in the world will I study this year?

In order to participate in a travel program, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have a minimum of 15 USM credits.


Upcoming Travel Courses

  • Due to the pandemic, we do not currently have any international travel programs planned. We look forward to the day we can safely resume programming. We are currently accepting applications for a Summer 2021 travel program in Maine, details below.


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Previous Travel Courses Offered Include: