Office of International Programs

Travel Course Management

Faculty-led travel courses have special responsibilities and a formal course approval process. The information contained in the documents below have been designed for both new and veteran Faculty Leaders and reflect the current policies and procedures for these programs.  


Short-Term Travel Proposal Process

Priority Deadline: Faculty interested in facilitating a short-term travel course for AY 20/21 (including Summer 2021) should complete the newly-condensed version of the short-term travel proposal by January 17, 2020.

Deadline Extension: Based on faculty interest, the deadline has been extended to Friday, February 7th, 2020. Interested faculty should submit the short proposal by that date if they wish to be considered for AY20/21 travel. 

Proposals received prior to the initial deadline of January 17, 2020 will receive priority.


After initial review, if your program is invited to proceed in the devleopment process, the following documents outline next steps:

  1. Short-Term Program Proposal
  2. Division of Labor
  3. Faculty Remuneration

Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered until the next academic year.

A Note on Establishing Course Numbers & Curriculum

While the Office of International Programs is here to assist in logistics and promotion of your travel program, we are not able to assign course numbers or Core designations.

All proposed travel courses should have already gone through the departmental curriculum review process to establish course number, credits, and undergrad/grad designation.

For Core approval, you should reach out to Susan McWilliams, regarding approval for a course to be offered as part of the Core curriculum. For courses offered at USM that pre-exist with a Core designation, that will carry over even if it is offered as a travel program. For all other courses, please review the international learning outcomes to determine if you think the students achieve them in the course.  Then, you can provide supplemental information (assignments, assessments, etc.) to Susan for review.

Susan is able to apply the designation on a one-time basis for travel courses that meet the outcomes.  Then, if the course is successful, the faculty member can submit a proper proposal to the Core committee after the first offering.