Office of International Programs

UNIBE Exchange

Students from the Universidad Iberoamericana - UNIBE who will be attending USM for a semester or year of study abroad should complete the simplified application outlined below.

Preferred Deadline: May 1st


1. Complete an International Exchange Student Application
Please print out, complete and return with the required attachment listed in Item 2 below. 

2. Submit the International Exchange Student Application to the USM International Programs office and be sure to include the following: 

  • A brief essay  (300-500 words) stating your reasons for wanting to study at the University of Southern Maine. How will this period of study contribute to your current academic program?  Please include any areas of interest or special skills.
  • A statement from your home school supporting your program of study at the University of Southern Maine.
  • UNIBE English Proficiency Exam with a minimum score of 57.
  • An Academic transcript from your college or university (translated into English)  listing the courses that you have taken prior to your enrollment at USM.
  • A copy of the biographical page of your passport.

3. Submit proof of sufficient funding to cover your expenses during your year or semester at USM.    

Students coming from UNIBE must document $1400.00 for one semester.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • $400.00 for books and supplies
  • $250.00 for medical insurance 
  • $750.00 for personal expenses
  • This totals $1400.00 per semester
  • Room, board, and tuition will be provided by Scarborough high School.
  • In order to document sufficient funding students should complete a Declaration of Finances form and submit the appropriate back up documentation.
  • If your funding is being provided by a parent or relative you will also need to provide a Letter of Sponsorship.

4. Students will be enrolled in the following 3 courses:

EDU 444:  Applied Pedagogy (6 credits):

This is a 10 week internship course for teacher education undergraduates.  UNIBE students will be fully immersed in a classroom(s) with an experienced teacher mentor.  This is essentially a teacher practicum experience providing classroom support and instruction under the supervision of a highly qualified classroom teacher.

EDU 390:  Portfolio Development (3 credits):

UNIBE students will establish learning goals and create a portfolio proposal to capture their learning from their classroom practicum experience.  A final portfolio presentation/demonstration will be required.

EDU 323:  Independent Study (3 credits):

Each UNIBE student will be able to choose from the University of Southern Maine’s undergraduate offerings.  If the duration of the U.S. stay for the UNIBE students falls short of the full course schedule, an independent study project (to be proposed and completed) will satisfy the requirements for the three credits.  In the event that an UNIBE student fails to pass/earn credits in one or more courses, they may become liable for the cost of associated tuition and fees.