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University de Bretagne

A Special Note about the Universite de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO):

Students must have a minimum of 2 years of College Level French and be highly independent in order to apply for this exchange.

University de Bretagne's Location:

Brittany is located in France's northwest corner and is geographically distinct from most of the country. The region=s great attraction is a long, jagged coastline. Glorious beaches line its northern shore while the south coast is gentler with wooded river valleys and a milder climate. Also known as the land of the sea, Brittany's past is filled with the legends of drowned cities and Arthurian forests as well as strange and inexplicable archeological formations. Brittany was, after all, home to the enchanted Forest, was where Merlin lived, and where corsairs sailed to the new world. The harbor is close by which is good for sailing, diving, wind surfing and fishing year round due to a mild winter climate. Campus has an active student life and there are affordable theater and concert opportunities within the community.


As a visiting students, you will take part in the intensive French program.

Students who are highly proficient in French may be able to take 1 or 2 courses such as Sociology, Anthropology, History & Literature of Brittany or Marine Biology.UBO also has a few offerings in English which vary semester to semester.

Academic Requirements:

UBO requires a minimum 3.0 GPA

UBO's Academic Term:

  • Fall runs from mid-October to mid-January. Students will need to pay special attention tothe end of the semester dates to ensure that they can return to USM in time for the start of the Spring semester, otherwise students should plan to attend UBO for the full year.
  • Spring begins in late January and runs through mid-May.

Housing at UBO:

Students live on campus in university residences. There is frequent bus service to town and you will find it is a very walk able city approximately the size of Portland. The campus is Wi-Fi for those wanting to bring a laptop.


Students who attend UBO pay USM for 12 credits of in-state tuition and
mandatory fees. Students pay locally for room and meals and costs will vary depending on the housing option selected.

Student Visa:

Students who study at UBO do need a visa. The type of visa will vary depending on the length of your stay. The process of applying for a French student visa can take several months so students should begin planning early. Students will need to apply for their visa in person at the Consulate General in Boston so they should also plan to make a trip to Boston.

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