Office of International Programs

USM Exchange Programs

The University of Southern Maine has several active reciprocal exchange programs with schools and universities abroad. Students who paricipate in reciprocal exchanges will pay USM in-state tuition and fees directly to USM, even if you are an out-of-state student. Room and board will be paid locally to the school abroad. These exchange opportunities are quite affordable for students who have a limited buget and we have long standing relationships so we feel certain that they are a good fit for USM students.



Iceland: Reykjavik University

>>>For info regarding the RU + Internship Scholarship application, please click here

Japan: Kanda Gaigo University 

The Netherlands:

Scotland: University of Aberdeen

South Korea: Sogang University



Our international and national exchange programs offer exciting opportunities for you to expand your studies beyond the classroom at Maine Law.  Our agreements with universities in Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, and Ireland, allow students to experience a semester abroad. Students who study through these exchange programs will gain a valuable international perspective and develop a foundation in international law. 

We offer international exchanges with the following institutions: