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Carol Nemeroff

Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Carol Nemeroff



Contact Information

Phone: 753-6671

Nemeroff joined USM LAC in 2007. She teaches Introductory Psychology, Personality, Abnormal Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Clinical and Research ethics, Senior Seminar on Sustainability, and Brain and Behavior.

Nemeroff is originally from Montreal, and completed her Undergraduate degree in Psychology at McGill University, after spending her first two years in college in Israel. Nemeroff's  Master’s (1981) and Doctoral (1988) degrees are from the University of Pennsylvania, in Clinical Psychology. After completing her Doctoral program she went to Arizona, where she was a core faculty member in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program and a Health Psychologist. While at ASU, she taught Undergraduate and Graduate courses in Psychology, supervised many student research projects, and developed two main lines of research. 

She is a licensed psychologist in Arizona, and directed the ASU Clinical Psychology Center for two years.

Research Interests

Nemeroff's first line of research explores Magical thinking in daily life, particularly about ‘contagious influences,’ and how such thinking affects people’s risk perceptions and health-related behaviors. 

The second explores body image, gender and culture, and how they converge to create self-esteem problems and eating disorders.

She is also interested in how women develop ‘resistance strategies’ to the pervasive socio-cultural pressures.  Spin-off research interests include HIV prevention, and understanding religious and spiritual experiences.