Lewiston-Auburn College

Mark Silber

Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Mark Silber



Contact Information

Phone: 753-6508

Born in Ukraine, USSR, Mark Silber has many interdisciplinary and non-academic interests. His A.B. was in Biology, with interests in ethnobotany and primatology. However, he is also the author of several books in documentary photography and oral history, a field of work which persists to this day. His PhD, from Boston University, is in Medical Anthropology, an applied field that encompasses all of the four subdisciplines of Anthropology—Cultural, Physical, Linguistic, and Archaeology. Some of the courses he teaches are: Medical Anthropology; Food, Culture, and Eating; Ethics; and Ethnicity. He has been active in community affairs, in agriculture, in promoting food security, and in achieving energy self-sufficiency.