Lewiston-Auburn College

Student Groups and Organizations

Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ, open to all students, is an interdenominational student Christian organization seeking to provide an environment that gives students spiritual support and motivation for Christian living. Join us for weekly meetings, seasonal retreats, and outreaches on campus and in the community. For meeting information, please consult a staff member in the Office of Student Success.

GSA (The Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (or GSA) @ LAC (formerly The Alliance for Sexual Diversity at LAC or TASDLAC) is a student group focused on providing student support for and community outreach to/about issues relating to Gender and Sexuality. The group specifically addresses the needs and concerns of the GLBTQ community at LAC and builds relationships with community partners, both in and out of the GLBTQ community. We emphasize open, honest communication and collaboration with both local GLBTQ groups at colleges and in the community as well as other LAC Student Organizations and groups in the community that are not commonly viewed as being related to GLBTQ issues. The group sponsors community events and guest speakers that help facilitate open, honest and respectful communication between all members of the local and greater LAC community. For more information contact Faculty Advisor Eve Raimon.

Golden Key International Honour Society

Golden Key International Honour Society is an academic honor society at the University of Southern Maine. Golden Key members are Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students from all of the USM campuses, as well as students from nearly 350 other chapters internationally. The Golden Key mission is to enable members to realize their potential by connecting individual achievement with service and lifelong opportunity. For more information please visit the national web site

ISOLA (International Students of Lewiston-Auburn)

ISOLA is a multicultural and international student group, with a focus on the promotion of diversity in the United States. ISOLA uses a variety of formats to sponsor academic studies, events, and programs that bring together African-American, Asian American, Latin American, Native-American, and Euro-American experiences. These include seminars, social gatherings, courses, publications, committee work, and other vehicles for communication. For more information please contact faculty member Barry Rodrigue.

LEADER (Leadership Studies)

The LEADER organization is a forum for USM's leadership students to explore leadership interests outside of USM classroom activities. LEADER provides the information, structure, and resources for students to experience educational opportunities at regional, national, and international venues. For more information please contact the Leadership Studies program.

Literati (LAC's Student Writer's Group)

The Literati (LAC's Student Writer's Group) is a group of LAC Student Writers and Artists who get together to develop, improve, share, and publish the creative work of members of the LAC community. The group meets regularly at least once a month, more often as needed for various projects and ideas. The primary goal of each meeting is to plan upcoming events and workshop the creative works of the current members. The Literati is also responsible for hosting LAC's Semi-Annual Cafe Night, and for publishing the LAC Student Literary Magazine Sneakers, Stilletos, and Steeltoes in conjunction with the LAC Writing Center. For more information call the LAC Writing Center Literati/Tutoring Office at 753-6513.

Metis Alliance

The Metis Alliance is a group that brings together students with Native-American roots. Barry Rodrigue serves as the faculty adviser.

SGA (Student Government Association)

The SGA is a very active student organization that sponsors a wide variety of informational, educational and recreational activities that are available to all students. The SGA is actively involved in planning activities and in expanding services to students. Officers and senators of the SGA, elected by LAC students, play a very important role in the student government process.

SOTA (Occupational Therapy)

This group of students in the occupational therapy program conducts various activities geared to enhance their learning experience and to contribute to the community.

Veterans Club

Whether you are a Veteran, a family member of a Veteran or just a student who supports the troops, the USM LAC Veterans Club would like you as a member. The Veterans Club is a form of social entrepreneurship.  It requires thinking outside the box - beyond traditional notions - to address a need. They are dedicated and determined to meet and exceed the needs of the student Veteran population. Please email sva.usm.la@gmail.com.