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Leigh Mundhenk


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Leigh G. Mundhenk earned her BS from Duke, MS in Organizational Dynamics from Penn, and Ph.D. in Psycho-Educational Processes from Temple University. Her primary interest -- understanding how individuals and organizations foster self-reliant behavior in times of transition -- informs her scholarship and work as Director of Field Experiences. Prior to teaching at LAC, Leigh was an organizational development consultant, specializing in group, management, and career development. Clients included Mobil Oil, Scott Paper, DuPont, and Exxon and numerous small- and mid-sized hospitals, medical practices, political groups, schools, and non-profit agencies. Prior to that, she worked for Johnson & Johnson for 18 years in sales and marketing management. Leigh has taught courses such as Group Dynamics, Ethics, Organizational Theory, and Organizational Change and Development, but now focuses on the career development courses and Internship to enable her to teach part time.