Leadership Studies

Look Who's New! Welcoming New Faculty: Dr. Ibukun “Dami” Alegbeleye

Dr. I. Dami Alegbeleye

Written by Josh Hodges, G.A. Leadership Studies

The Leadership & Organizational Studies faculty already boasts a faculty filled with diversity and expertise.  Now, there are two more names to add to the list. Dr. Joe Lasley and Dr. Ibukun “Dami” Alegbeleye will join the LOS faculty this Fall, 2020. We thought that you may want to get to know them!

Dr. Ibukun "Dami" Alegbeleye is an 80's baby, born in Nigeria, Ibadan.  Dr. Alegbeleye relocated to the U.S in 2014 to pursue his master’s degree and subsequently completed his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech.  Dr. Alegbeleye has strong research interests in the fields of human resources management, specifically focusing on group dynamics, the leader-follower dynamic in organizations, and how each contributes to team- effectiveness.  During his studies at Virginia Tech, Dr. Alegbelye held various positions.  He instructed and co-instructed multiple academic courses while holding the position of graduate research assistant amongst various other positions throughout the duration of his academic career.  For Dr. Alegbeleye’s dissertation, he used his knowledge of the leader-follower dynamic to examine career readiness in student teams.  Dr. Alegbeleye’s dissertation was titled: “A mixed-methods study of leader-follower dynamics in student project teams: Toward advancing career readiness”. 

Now that we’ve explored Dami’s academic pursuits, let’s get to know him a bit better.  Dami fell in love with leadership studies after completing his undergraduate degree in Agricultural & Extension Education.  Upon completion, Dami went to work as a field manager and quickly realized he loved the idea of leadership and helping people grow and develop.  When asked about his hobbies, Dami shared that he developed a love for playing the keyboard since starting his Ph.D. and plays every morning.  Beyond music, he also loves fishing and Soccer, which he both plays and watches enthusiastically.  As for his dream destination, Dami said he would love to visit the Grand Canyon and France.  We also spoke to Dami about the superpower he wished he had, and it seems he wants to read our minds.  This was similar to what Dr. Lasley had wished for when he quickly answered that he wanted to be Professor X from the Marvel X-Men franchise.  I think it is safe to say the two incoming faculty members would make an incredible superhero team.  We also asked Dami who his dream dinner guest would be, and he said that he would love to speak to Barrack Obama over a good home-cooked meal. 

See our article about Dr. Joe Lasley to learn about our other new faculty member.  Hopefully, this provides everyone with a bit of insight into our incoming faculty members.  Welcome to Faculty of Leadership Studies and the Larger USM community Dr. Lasley and Dr. Alegbeleye!