Leadership Studies

Look Who's New! Welcoming New Faculty: Dr. Joe Lasley

Dr. Joe Lasley

Written by Josh Hodges, G.A. Leadership Studies

The Leadership & Organizational Studies faculty already boasts a faculty filled with diversity and expertise.  Now, there are two more names to add to the list. Dr. Joe Lasley and Dr. Ibukun “Dami” Alegbeleye will join the LOS faculty this Fall, 2020. We thought that you may want to get to know them!

Dr. Joe Lasley achieved his Ph.D. at the University of San Diego where his concentration was in Organizational Leadership and Consulting. During his time at the University of San Diego, Dr. Lasley held the position of Community Director as well as instructing and co-instructing several academic courses. Dr. Lasley has many keen research interests including experiential learning, game-based learning, leadership role-playing, and group dynamics. For his dissertation topic, Dr. Lasley drew inspiration from his research interests and looked at Learning environments in tabletop role-playing games. His dissertation was titled: "An Examination of Gaming Environments in Dungeons and Dragons Groups".  Now that we know what Dr. Lasley’s academic interests are, let’s get to know Joe!

Joe Lasley is an 80’s baby and was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but moved around a lot due to his parents’ military service. Joe spent most of his childhood in Duluth, Minnesota. When we asked Joe why he was so passionate about leadership, he said that he loved that leadership was both simple and complex at the same time. He spoke to the fact that leadership allows for fully integrated cognitive theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience.

During Joe’s interview, we learned that he his hobby is having many hobbies. Joe is going to love Maine as his hobbies include hiking, gaming, and traveling. Another thing that makes Maine perfect for our new team member is that his dream destination is a cabin in the middle of the woods--we all know that there are many of those in Maine! Finally, we asked Joe to reconnect with his inner child and recall the career he dreamed of in the 80’s. Initially, the budding young professor saw a career in paleontology, but that may have been because his parents loved hearing him mispronounce the names of dinosaurs. Fortunately, Joe decided to become doctor of Leadership Studies instead and will be joining our team this fall.

See our article about Dr. Ibukun "Dami" Alegbeleye to learn about our other new faculty member. Hopefully, this provides everyone with a bit of insight into our incoming faculty members. Welcome to Faculty of Leadership Studies and the Larger USM community Dr. Alegbeleye and Dr. Lasley!