Leadership Studies

LOS Classes in Portland


Are you interested in taking a leadership class in-person but want to stay in the Portland area? The LOS program will be offering several foundational courses on the Portland campus this fall in both blended and in-person formats! 

Courses being offered fully in-person are: LOS 300 Organizational Theory, LOS 302 Organizational Behavior (offered in an accelerated format on two separate weekends), and LOS 350 Leadership.

LOS 301 Group Dynamics will have the instructor rotating between the Portland and Lewiston campuses while students will attend on their respective campus each week. Classes will meet in a polycom room on each campus.

LOS 315 Training and Development will be offered in a blended format with on campus meetings in Portland.

For more information regarding these classes, please see your faculty advisor or call 207-753-6503.