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Leadership Award
A seven-member group of USM students brought home the top prize in the second annual Collegiate Leadership Competition, a national competition aimed at testing their abilities as teammates and leaders.
LOS classes to be offered in-person on the Portland campus!
Looking for an LOS Elective or challenging, developmental extracurricular experience for the Spring 2016 academic term? Looking to stretch your leadership skills, behaviors, and cognitive competencies to the limit? Please consider the 2nd Annual Collegiate Leadership Competition!
Collaboration with Communication & Media Studies and Diversified Communications of Portland...
It is time to plan and register for Spring 2015 classes. Check out our Undergraduate LOS and Graduate MLS course rotation schedules!
Please join our USM Leadership Studies' Facebook and LinkedIn groups!
Come join our newest LOS courses! LOS 270 - Exploring Leadership on Campus (Gorham) is an exploratory course designed to approach leadership on campus and beyond; it is ideal for emerging leaders in student organizations. The Exploring Leadership series (online)--LOS 351/551, 352/552, & 353/553--will explore Transformational, Servant, and Authentic Leadership, respectively, in three one-credit, five-week courses.
Come join our African exploration and service learning with a focus on youth leadership development! Led by program facilitators from RedZebra, we'll travel to beautiful Montagu, two hours from Capetown, and work with people in its communities.
We are very happy to announce that Brian Davenport will be joining our faculty in the fall.
This life-changing course includes traveling to Buenos Aires to meet with female leaders and learn about the life experiences, philosophy, beliefs, and cultural factors that have influenced them.


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