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About Tutoring at USM

If you are familiar with how to schedule an appointment, click HERE to begin. If you are not sure how to use the scheduling ststem, or if you would like to see how to request an online tutoring session, watch the videos below before getting started.

Through partnerships with academic departments at USM, we are able to offer tutoring in multiple subject areas at the Learning Commons. We are a peer support service, meaning that all of our tutors are current USM students.

Students are allowed two appointments per week per subject area. For example, a student can schedule two writing appoinments as well as two math appointments. There are also some drop-in groups, which do not count towards the two appointments in that subject.

Appointments are available in Gorham, Portland, LAC, and online.

    How to schedule a tutoring appointment.

    How to request a tutoring appointment be online.

    To learn more about the team and meet the tutors, please click here.