Learning Commons

Academic Coaches & Tech Assistants

Peer Academic Coaches

In addition to topic-based tutoring, students can increase their academic skills at the Learning Commons. These include how to effectively and efficiently:

  • Read textbooks
  • Take notes in the classroom
  • Manage time
  • Prepare for and take exams

For one-on-one consultations, students can meet with a Peer Academic Coach in Portland and Gorham.  These are USM students who have learned a variety of academic approaches, and can help a student select from a "menu" of options and practice the new strategies. To schedule a meeting with a Peer Academic Coach, please visit Schedule A Tutoring Appointment or call (207)780-4228.

Technology Assistants

The Technology Assistants are here to help you learn the technologies used in your classes. This includes the Microsoft Office programs, Google applications, software used in online courses, and other tools related to your academic needs. Whether in-person or online, we will help you become more comfortable with the technologies you need to use. To meet with a Technology Assistant, visit the Schedule A Tutoring Appointment page.

NOTE:  if you need assistance with logins, connectivity, or other access issues, please contact the USM Help Desk at (207)780-4029, or visit their website:  http://www.usm.maine.edu/computing/helpdesk.