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Practice Effective Learning Strategies

Interested in making Dean’s List? Want to graduate with honors, or just to improve your grades in certain classes? On this site you’ll find resources and strategies to help good students do even better, and to help all students overcome challenges. Follow the links below to find out more!

Citing Sources

The USM Library has put together a “one-stop shopping” site for students on how to properly cite sources of information. This includes links to citation styles such as APA and MLA, and examples of citing sources in the body of the paper.


Research Tutorials

Check out USM Library’s series of 3-minute podcast tutorials designed to help you find good sources of information, and cite those sources properly.

Think all resources on the web are of the same caliber? Think again! This USM Library website contains handouts, links, and overall tips for evaluating web resources when doing research.



What is plagiarism, and how can I avoid it?