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The Math Placement Exam:  Why is it Important?

Why is it important to prepare?  Doing well on the Accuplacer could save you up to two semesters of math, which in turn saves time and money in your pursuit of a college degree!  Preparing also means the results of the Accuplacer most likely reflect your true math abilities, leading to placement into the most appropriate math course.

Preparing for the Accuplacer

The key to preparing for the Accuplacer is practice, practice, practice!  The first step is to review the math concepts that are included in the exam.  Examples of the Accuplacer questions can be reviewed here:

Accuplacer Examples

There are a number of ways to prepare for this exam. They include:

  • Meeting with a USM Math tutor
  • Reviewing video lessons of important concepts
  • Downloading the official Accuplacer App

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Preparing for the College-Level Math Test

The USM College-Level Math Test is required only for those incoming students who want to enroll in a higher-level math course as their first math course at USM.  Students who have a new SAT-MATH score of 570 or above (or ACT score of 22 or above) or students who have obtained a high score on the Math Placement Test (see above excerpt) have the option of taking the College-Level Math Test to determine if they have sufficient mathematical skills to enroll in a Pre-Calculus course.

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