Learning Commons

Building Technology Skills

Welcome to the Building Technology Skills page of The Learning Commons. This page is a collection of resources for helping students to learn the technologies commonly used in courses at USM. We are always adding new resources, so visit us regularly! 

NOTE:  if you need assistance with logins, connectivity, or other access issues, please contact the USM Help Desk at (207)780-4029, or visit their website:  http://www.usm.maine.edu/computing/helpdesk

Technology Assistants

The Technology Assistants are here to help you learn the technologies used in your classes. This includes the Microsoft Office programs, Google applications, software used in online courses, and other tools related to your academic needs. Whether in-person or online, we will help you become more comfortable with the technologies you need to use. To meet with a Technology Assistant, visit the Schedule a Tutoring Appointment page.

UMS Academy

UMS Academy offers university and campus-specific content along with more than 50,000 tutorials featuring college life, academic engagement, and leadership topics, plus 250 technology trainings on applications including Microsoft, Google, Blackboard, and Adobe. It breaks down the information you need into manageable trainings you can quickly find and easily complete. 

To learn more about UMS Academy and how to access resources relevant to you, visit the UMS Academy video playlist on the Learning Commons YouTube channel:

Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library is an open resource to all residents of the state of Maine. Anyone that is a resident of Maine or in this case a student of the University of Maine can sign up and have all access to this resource. This site offers a wide variety of subject matter such as:​

  • Tutorials on all Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Practice exams not only for academic needs, but occupational as well.
  • Many practice exams come with FREE ebooks.

You can access Learning Express Library by clicking here.

To learn how to create your free Learning Express Library account, visit the Learning Express Library video playlist on the Learning Commons YouTube channel.