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Preparing for the College-Level Math Test

The College-Level Math Test: Q&A

The College-Level Math Test is required only for those students interested in enrolling in a higher-level math course as their first math course at USM. The test is administered by the Office of Academic Assessment. To review a full description of the test, along with a sample practice test, commonly-asked questions about the test, and the testing schedule, please visit this site hosted by the Office of Academic Assessment.

Preparing with a USM Math Tutor

Our math tutors are very familiar with the concepts covered on the test.  All have been trained and nationally certified as tutors.  Take advantage of the opportunity! Individual appointments are available online and in person on the Portland campus throughout the summer.  Math tutors can provide you with immediate feedback and guided practice!

To request an individual appointment, please call The Learning Commons at (207)780-4228, or email naamah.jarnot@maine.edu.


Self-Practice and Preparation

USM math tutors have found several Khan Academy videos, short lessons on the math concepts covered on the Accuplacer.  Here are some of the examples. Just click on your topic.

Linear Equations 1
Linear Equations 2
Linear Equations 3
Linear Equations 4

Quadratic Inequalities - Visual Explanation

Function Introduction
Difference Between Equations and Functions
Relations and Functions
Evaluating Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Exponents and Exponential Functions
Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions
Rational Functions
Polynomial Functions
Composite Functions


Simplifying Expressions with Exponents 1
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents 2
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents 3

Introduction to Function Inverses
Function Inverses 1
Function Inverses 2
Function Inverses 3


More videos can be found at https://www.khanacademy.org/ by scrolling down to “Math”.

How can you do additional practice on your own?  Consider purchasing the official Accuplacer Study App!  It’s quite inexpensive, and could save you a great deal of time and money in the long run.  Here is the link to the information about the app:

Accuplacer Study App

Accuplacer has additional information available at their website that can help you prepare:

Accuplacer Site

Taking the Accuplacer

The placement exam must be taken before registering for courses. The math exam is given during the summer and at various times preceding the beginning of each semester.  To view the schedule of available Accuplacer dates, please go to:


For answers to frequently asked questions about the Accuplacer, visit


Retaking the Accuplacer

Students can take the Accuplacer Math Tests TWICE in one academic year.  USM will use the highest score.  Students must wait 4 weeks from the first test if re-taking the test.  That means that, if you take the Accuplacer this summer and do not do as well as you think you could, you can retake it before the fall semester begins. 

For questions about scheduling a math tutoring appointment to prepare for the Accuplacer, please contact The Learning Commons at (207)780-4228.