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Preparing for the PRAXIS Tests

The following information is from USM's Office of Education Preparation website

About the PRAXIS

Praxis Core tests measure academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics of candidates entering teacher preparation programs. These tests were designed to provide comprehensive assessments that measure skills and content knowledge.

Praxis II measures subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, that are requisite for beginning teachers.

Preparing for the PRAXIS

There are a number of free resources that USM students can use to prepare for the PRAXIS tests.

Praxis Core test preparation materials are available through the following links:

Additional PRAXIS Core and PRAXIS II practice exams are available via Learning Express Library, an open resource to all residents of the state of Maine. You can access Learning Express Library by clicking here. 

To learn how to create your free Learning Express Library account and how to access resources relevant to you, visit the Learning Express Library video playlist on the Learning Commons YouTube channel.